Shane Stock

First, Tank Trailer Cleaning, Inc. (TTC) is definitely enjoying the savings we are receiving on our natural gas and electrcity accounts!

As a business, we have literally saved thousands of dollars over the last few years with the energy supply rates that Commercial Energy Consultants has brokered for our organization. We found CEC trustworthy and the energy companies that they represent reputable! CEC found us the best energy supply rates in a professional and trustworthy manner and I felt very comfortable doing business with Mike Grimes! I especially enjoyed the commercial energy reverse auction. Mike represents CEC honestly and promptly, and Mike hides nothing in fine print.

Put simply. CEC is an honest organization that works in its customers’ best interests to broker the best energy supply rates available. TTC, Inc. will stick with CEC now and going forward!! With the savings that we have already received, the choice to keep CEC as our energy supply rate broker is a no-brainer!!